Date: 25-09-2023

Medical tourism is growing in popularity in the United Arab Emirates

In a field that is turning out to be more globalized and cutthroat, various techniques are expected to chase after and hold the top managers,

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Date: 28-08-2023

want to get recruited at a reputed healthcare agency in Dubai?

The healthcare segment within the UAE is developing unimaginably day by day offering surprising opportunities for healthcare offices to

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Date: 21-07-2023

The Role of Medical Consultants Played in Making a Great Career

Doctors are said to be the second next God on earth. As they save our lives from danger. It is said very well said health is wealth and not a piece of

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Date: 15-07-2023

The Growing Demand of the Healthcare Professionals in the UAE

The healthcare industry in the UAE is growing as more and more people are becoming health-conscious. Despite following a healthy lifestyle, many

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Date: 10-06-2023

All You Need to Know About Getting a Doctor License in Dubai

Dubai is a major medical fulcrum. The demand for qualified doctors is increasing day by day in Dubai. So if you are someone who wants to work in

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Date: 27-05-2023

Why You Need Smart Healthcare Consulting Firm In UAE For Growth

Post the pandemic, the healthcare industry has come to a realization that it must be expanded to cater to the growing needs.If you are planning to set up a medical facility

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Date: 23-05-2023

Benefits That You Will Get When You Work In The Dubai Healthcare Sector With A Golden Visa

In 2023, a Dubai Golden Visa is the most coveted prize for doctors. This year brings many surprises with new regulations and rules relating to medical practice in Dubai.

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Date: 20-05-2023

Life of a general physician in Dubai

It Depends on how much you have and how much you can use. If you have good knowledge and medical evidence and choose the wrong place, you will start with skills, you will lose them, which can be frustrating even with a decent salary.

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Date: 16-04-2023

What are the requirements for an Operating Private Clinic?

The Department of Economic Development offers a Open a clinic in Dubai requirements and Medical licence dubai that must be obtained in order to open a medical clinic in Dubai (DED).

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Date: 10-04-2023

Guide for Medical License in UAE

A doctor, often known as a physician, is a medical practitioner who examines, diagnoses, and treats patients. It may appear straightforward, yet working as a doctor is one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs a person can have.

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Date: 19-03-2023

Choose a prestigious healthcare recruitment service to get your dream job

For any country, it is important to pay proper attention to its healthcare industry so that its residents can live a healthy life. As the UAE healthcare sector

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Date: 26-03-2023

The Complete Guide to Applying for a DHA License in Dubai for Doctors

This guide will walk you through the entire process of applying for a Dubai DHA License for Doctors. The article will explain how the process works and will provide you

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Date: 15-11-2022

How to Become a Doctor in Dubai

What exactly is Dubai, and why would you want to be a doctor there? The answer is simple: the city provides everything a person requires while also providing you with the opportunity to work as a doctor.

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Date: 11-11-2022

What are the services provided by the doctors of UAE?

Diversifying its revenue has been a top priority for the UAE government in recent years. Both a dynamic tourism sector and thriving commercial prospects for PRO service in Dubai have been

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Date: 06-11-2022

What are the benefits of working as a doctor in dubai?

One of the most coveted and highly valued careers is being a doctor, which is probably worthwhile despite the intense competition. You've come to the perfect spot if you're good at

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Date: 22-10-2022

Relaxation tips during medical exam preparation

Medicine is a tough field that requires a lot of hard work. You have to clear certain examinations even after the completion of your basic degree for specialization.

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Date: 18-10-2022

What makes a good nurse?

Nurses play an important role in any healthcare in the world. An experienced and well-qualified nurse has more chances of securing well-paying Medical and healthcare jobs in UAE. However, the nurses are not just evaluated based on their certification. They need to have some other qualities in their

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Date: 10-10-2022

What does a healthcare consulting firm do?

It’s no secret that healthcare sector is a large and complex industry. It is the amalgam of highly qualified doctors, paramedics, technicians, nurses, business owners, recruitment agencies, and other stake holders such as pharmacists and so on. Moreover, all of them have to work under strict

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Date: 04-10-2022

Five tips for doctors on a job hunt

UAE has a huge employment market for doctors and healthcare professionals. If you have decided to build your medical career in UAE, then you are in luck as there are hundreds of well-paying doctors, consultants, and Nursing jobs in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Follow the tips given

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Date: 21-09-2022

What to do to Obtain a Medical License in Dubai?

Dubai is a diverse cultural city that is looking forward to tourism, medical advancement, and technological advancement. It is the ultimate example of relaxation and grandeur, and it is dedicated to providing its residents with the best possible lifestyle.

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Date: 20-09-2022

Medical Facilities and Advances in UAE

After working in the healthcare sector in the United Arab Emirates for more than ten years, the many doctors established the company with the goal of assisting new investors in setting up their new, We are renowned for our incredibly precise and quick service approach.

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Date: 16-09-2022

How to Register for the DHA Exam for Doctors

If you are able to register as a doctor and want to continue your career in Dubai, you must pass a screening process known as the DHA examination. Let us understand how to register for the DHA exam. To get a medical and healthcare job in Dubai,

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Date: 08-09-2022

Medical Resources and Innovations in the UAE

After spending more than ten years working in the United Arab Emirates' healthcare industry, the numerous doctors founded the business with the intention of assisting new investors in easily setting up their new Medical and healthcare jobs in UAE there as well as helping doctors who

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Date: 25-08-2022

Not finding a doctor and Nursing jobs? Volunteer

it is normal to face hardship in finding an ideal or say suitable job for you. While some people are lucky enough to find a job as soon as they finish their graduation, many take time in finding the right job for themselves. Though it is pretty understandable you should not leave that period

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Date: 22-08-2022

Tips to choose the best healthcare recruiting agency

When it comes to public health and advanced medical treatments, UAE has a great reputation. Its swift and decisive response to contain the COVID-19 pandemic earned wide-scale acknowledgment. The healthcare sector in the

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Date: 19-08-2022

Tips to write a good CV

Whenever applying for a job, a CV acts as the first line of communication between employer and employee. Dubai is a competitive field when it comes to the medical sector. Many aspirants wish to seek a defining career in the healthcare sector

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Date: 16-08-2022

An opportunity for Healthcare Institutions

As per reports UAE’s medical tourism industry witnessed a phenomenal growth at 5.5% showing its true potential for healthcare professionals and institutions. When a national from one country move to another country in a bid to get the best

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Date: 26-07-2022

Hire PRO services to set up top-notch healthcare facility in UAE

Setting up a state-of-the-art healthcare facility is not a joke in UAE. The UAE is famous in the world for its exceptional healthcare facilities where notable doctors and healthcare practitioners from

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Date: 25-07-2022

Interesting facts about UAE’s Healthcare Sector

Many in the world seek to UAE to explore employment opportunities. For medical aspirants, it is no less than a blessing to work as a doctor in Dubai. Many reasons make UAE one of the finest countries in terms of healthcare facilities

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Date: 23-07-2022

The promising Health sector of the UAE

In the UAE region, the healthcare industry is expanding significantly. The need for value-based healthcare in the region is skyrocketing as a result of the country's super-fast urbanization, changing demographics, modernization of people's lifestyles

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Date: 20-07-2022

The Challenges Related To Healthcare Recruitment

Human resources are one of the biggest problems facing the health sector globally. In a field that is becoming more globalized and competitive, a variety of strategies are required to hunt for and

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Date: 20-06-2022

5 great tips for doctors to set up a clinic in Dubai

Setting up a personal clinic to practice medicine is the dream of many doctors. However, the process is under the eye of many regulatory authorities that makes sure only the expert and professionals get to treat the people. If you are a doctor and looking

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Date: 17-06-2022

5 reasons why Healthcare Industry needs professional PRO services

Setting up a healthcare business in UAE needs proper planning and flawless execution. There are several laws and regulations set up by authorities to regulate the healthcare system.

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Date: 13-06-2022

A complete guide for healthcare professionals in Dubai

Many healthcare practitioners around the globe look for Medical and healthcare jobs in UAE because the country is known for its amazing lifestyle and employment opportunities.

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Date: 11-06-2022

Complete Guideline to get a Medical License in Dubai

People from all around the world flock to Dubai to experience the best of everything. Whether you want to acquire a quality education or benefit from the best medical

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Date: 24-05-2022

Preparation tips to Pass the DHA exam and getting DHA License in UAE

The Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) issues licenses to anybody wishing to practice medicine in the Emirate of Dubai. The purpose of granting such a license

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Date: 20-05-2022

What is the reason for the UAE's medical tourism upsurge

Medical tourism in Dubai has soared in recent times, with patients from across the globe flocking to the city to benefit from reasonably affordable private

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Date: 13-05-2022

Is social media revolutionizing the healthcare sector

Social media is invading all businesses and the healthcare industry is no exception. As more people get involved in social media, the healthcare industry has embraced it and now uses it in a

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Date: 09-05-2022

What you should keep in mind Before kick starting a Healthcare Business ?

Starting a healthcare business takes a lot of courage, effort, and endurance. There are a vast array of challenges to be faced including healthcare financial planning, Business Planning

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Date: 25-04-2022

Advantages of hiring the help of a healthcare recruitment agency

One of the biggest challenges the healthcare investors have to face while setting up a clinic in Dubai, is to find the perfect candidates to join their firm.

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Date: 14-04-2022

The importance of the role of medical consultants in ensuring a promising career

Stable health allows an individual to live a happy life. Hence, almost all health-conscious people approach leading medical facilities for regular check-ups and treatment of various ailments. All

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Date: 26-03-2022

Begin your journey in the UAE healthcare industry with expert help

The United Arab Emirates is one of the few countries that takes it profoundly in its rich cultural heritage and traditions. However, it is also updating its infrastructure to provide life to the citizens.

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