Preparation tips to Pass the DHA exam and getting DHA License in UAE

T he Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) issues licenses to anybody wishing to practice medicine in the Emirate of Dubai. The purpose of granting such a license is to ensure that Dubai residents receive high-quality health services.

O btaining a Dha license requirements for Doctors is the first step toward being approved to practice medicine in Dubai. While many medical professionals aspire to pass their test and apply for a license to operate in Dubai, only a small percentage of them succeed. You must find techniques to prepare for the DHA exam if you intend to take it. Here are some ideas to consider:

O n a scale of 0 to 100, DHA tests are graded. To qualify for the exam, you must score at least Sixty points. This scale is applicable to all of the DHA exams. If you want to pass one of these rigorous tests on your first try, you'll need extensive preparation.

T ake a free DHA practice test to get a head start on your exam preparation. The results can offer you a good idea of how well you'd do on the test if it were given today. The scores can also be used to direct your future study sessions.

S pend more time studying reliable DHA research materials, which will assist you in comprehending your topic in simple terms and avoiding outdated knowledge.

T ake a note of key questions that appear in prior question papers and make absolutely sure to revise them in the final revision.

F or practicing time management, do attempt previous question papers

A group chat with your fellows, as well as with the healthcare experts who have gone through the procedure before will prove to be significantly fruitful. A healthcare professional will be able to provide you with the appropriate advice and guidance.

What will happen next when you pass the test?

F ollowing the completion of the assessment, an eligibility order will be provided online, which the candidate can access through his or her application account. After completing the exam, the candidate gets a one-year period to get a job in a Healthcare consultancy Dubai. If the applicant is offered a job, he or she must upload the job offer and practice insurance to his or her application portal. After it has been uploaded, the next and last step is the issuance of the license.

U p to two days following submission, the Health Regulation Department (HRD) at DHA will assess and authenticate the candidate's offer of job and practice insurance. After the offer has been examined and verified, a task for paying the licensing cost will appear in the application portal.