What is the reason for the UAE's medical tourism upsurge

Medical tourism in Dubai has soared in recent times, with patients from across the globe flocking to the city to benefit from reasonably affordable private medical treatments in the country's reputable private hospitals. Dubai offers highly sophisticated medical personnel, notably specialist doctors and surgeons who have studied and practiced primarily in the western developed countries. People from all across the world can benefit from a variety of surgical procedures, including cosmetic procedures, dermatology, orthopedic surgery, and fertility procedures.

In 2014, the United Arab Emirates ranked 14th globally for Healthcare recruitment agency services. The UAE government left no stone unturned to expand and modernize its healthcare infrastructure and processes to meet international standards and attract patients from overseas as part of its continuous endeavor to move ahead in all rankings. What stimulated that upsurge! Here is the answer to this question.

Government’s commitment to give the best: Dubai's success in the healthcare arena is attributed to the efforts the UAE government is undertaking keeping in view the contemporary needs. They can ask questions about medical tourism and surgery, through this online platform, which has become famous not only in Dubai but throughout the UAE. This is how Dubai Health Tourism is committed to investing heavily in promoting and, at the same time, providing comfort to patients who are far away and unable to travel to Dubai due to pandemic circumstances.

The population of expats: Expats make up the majority of the UAE's population. Over 84 percent of their workforce is transnational. 2.2 million expatriates live in Dubai, accounting for 91 percent of the city's population. When it comes to patient care, the emirate offers world-class services, high standards, and tight regulations, owing to the Dubai Health Authority, which has been making headway to boost healthcare standards in the emirate and attract investments to improve the sector.

Affordability: Dubai Medical Tourism is appealing because of its high medical standards and reasonable prices. Medical travel to Dubai is becoming incredibly popular, primarily among British, American, and Western European patients looking for less expensive options nearby. When compared to corresponding operations in the UK, it is likely to save 30-40% on any service.

Innovation: Dubai is synonymous with high-end, advanced, and phenomenal technology. Particularly in CT scans, MRIs, Wireless brain sensors, 3D printing, CRISPR, and the list goes on.

Modern Infrastructure: Dubai's healthcare system and its infrastructure reflect the country's economic stability. That's making Dubai provide the best possible healthcare services to people across the globe.

The UAE has established itself as a serious contender within the medical license spectrum, being among the top 20 preferred destinations. If the government keeps this streak going and provides the required assistance and legal requirements, it will undoubtedly accomplish its objective of getting to the top five by 2020. The ability to overcome growth impediments will determine how fast or slowly they hit the top.