4 Benefits That You Will Get When You Work In The Dubai Healthcare Sector With A Golden Visa

In 2023, a Dubai Golden Visa is the most coveted prize for doctors. This year brings many surprises with new regulations and rules relating to medical practice in Dubai. Although a Golden Visa is the cherry on top of the cake, getting it is not that easy. This year brings many surprises with new regulations and rules relating to medical practice in Dubai. However, you can get this visa with the help of Unique Healthcare Consultancy.

    1. No corporate and income tax
  • The Dubai Golden Visa not only grants a 10-year residency status but also allows you to avail of 0% corporate and income tax. Furthermore, a Golden Visa eases the process of starting a medical clinic across the UAE. You can work as a doctor in Dubai and live the best life that you can imagine in your dreams.

  • 2. No need for a sponsor
  • When applying for a residency visa in the UAE, the most challenging aspect is often finding a national sponsor. Thankfully, the Dubai Golden visa for doctors is exempt from this requirement, as the Emirates Golden visa framework permits foreigners to live, work, and study in the UAE without a national sponsor. All you need to do is the Dubai licensing exam for doctors.

  • 3. Enter the healthcare industry
  • Irrespective of their profession or country, everyone craves a secure and stable standard of living. While any UAE visa offers an excellent living environment, the Emirates Golden visa offers an even more state-of-the-art one. Due to this reason, many people apply for Nursing jobs Dubai to enter the healthcare industry.

  • 4. Work from UAQ free zone
  • Consider a situation where your patient is in the Dubai Mainland area while you are based in the UAQ-free zone. Would it be possible for you to visit them and take care of them? Yes, it would be possible with a UAE Golden visa. Emirates Golden visa holders can travel, work and study freely throughout the UAE. Due to this reason, doctor jobs in Dubai are very popular.

With all these facilities, you will live a better life in Dubai. It is one of the main reasons, why people want to come to Dubai and work in the healthcare industry. If you have similar plans, you can consult with Unique Healthcare Consultancy and take their help.