Interesting facts about UAE’s Healthcare Sector

Many in the world seek to UAE to explore employment opportunities. For medical aspirants, it is no less than a blessing to work as a doctor in Dubai. Many reasons make UAE one of the finest countries in terms of healthcare facilities, In this post, we have gathered some interesting facts about the healthcare sector in UAE.

Finest in the world

UAE’s healthcare system has been termed as among the finest system in the world. It has been growingly touted as one of the best countries for its amazing and advanced healthcare sector. According to some of the reports that has be conducted over years, the UAE ranks;

  • UAE ranks 20th in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation 2021
  • UAE ranks 10th in the global efficiency index report 2018 released by Bloomerang
  • UAE ranks 27th in World Health Report 2000 by WHO
Healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

In recent years, UAE surprised the world with its phenomenal control over the COVID-19 pandemic. The country quickly adapted the SOPs and secured its citizens from bearing the harm of the dangerous pandemic. While many well-known healthcare systems in the developed regions such as Europe, and the UK, struggled to contain the virus, the UAE was ranked number one as the best-performing country against the pandemic.

Free Healthcare for residents

The UAE is one of those countries which provides a significant subsidy to provide universal healthcare to its residents. While the ex-pats can utilize world-class healthcare services by paying the nominal charges in medical insurance.

Medical Tourism

In recent years, the leadership in UAE has worked hard to improve the medical facilities in the country to promote medical tourism. It is this dedication and will that made UAE generate 2.1 billion (USD 3.29 billion) in 2018, with a 5.5% annual growth rate in medical tourism. It is safe to say that UAE is not far from becoming the next hub of medical tourism.

Diversity in Professionals

One of the distinctive features of the UAE is that it has a multicultural society. The healthcare sector in UAE is made up of highly qualified and competent professionals from Pakistan, India, UK, US, China, Japan, and parts of the world. Since these professionals come from varying backgrounds, they have more knowledge, experience, and exposure to treating certain diseases.

Phenomenal doctor-to-patient ratio

As per Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Dubai reported the highest doctor-to-patient ratio in the world with 2.9 doctors for every 1,000 residents. It means everyone in Dubai has equal and ample opportunity to get the advice of an expert healthcare professional. If you are looking for Medical and healthcare jobs in UAE, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Unique Healthcare Consultancy.