Not finding a doctor and Nursing jobs? Volunteer!

it is normal to face hardship in finding an ideal or say suitable job for you. While some people are lucky enough to find a job as soon as they finish their graduation, many take time in finding the right job for themselves. Though it is pretty understandable you should not leave that period empty on your CV. Finding a good job could take months or even years. So, what would you do in that period? Watch movies? Play games? Hang out with friends and forget everything that you have learned in your academic years? We highly discourage our clients from wasting their time on these things. As per the Top Doctor & Nursing jobs in Dubai the first five years after graduation are the most difficult and defining years in your career. You have to make every effort possible to get a suitable job for yourself. However, if you are having tough luck in finding a job, you can volunteer!

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is a great idea to get experience working in a professional setup. Though the idea of working without being paid could be hard to swallow for many. But since desperate times need desperate measures, volunteering is the best choice in such a case. Instead of wasting your time utilize it to do something more meaningful and relevant to your field. Many companies welcome volunteers into their setup to get extra help without paying a penny. But what do volunteers get in return if not money?


Every recruiter is interested to hire people that have profound experience in the relevant field. Your entire CV becomes meaningless to the recruiter if you have no experience to show. However, if you have worked as a volunteer, you have some experience to show to the employer.


Volunteering is great to show your commitment and passion to work in the relevant field. Nearly everyone in the world works to earn, but if you are working without getting any returns it shows that you do not shy away from facing hardships to establish a career. It also shows a proactive approach on your behalf and leaves a great impression on the employer.

Professional Setup

Working as a volunteer in any firm enables you to learn about working in a professional environment. You get to learn things that no one taught you in your school and know the ways how firms operate and professionals behave officially.

Make Acquaintances

One of the major benefits of working as a volunteer is that you can make many acquaintances that can further help you find new employment opportunities or write recommendations. And who knows you can get hired in the same firm if you have performed exceptionally. In nutshell, it is safe to say that volunteering is far better and more productive than wasting your time during a job hunt. If you are in search of opportunities in the PRO service in UAE, reach out to us at UHC – a leading Healthcare recruitment agency Dubai.