Relaxation tips during medical exam preparation

Medicine is a tough field that requires a lot of hard work. You have to clear certain examinations even after the completion of your basic degree for specialization. The more exams you clear more chances you have for bagging lucrative Medical and healthcare jobs in UAE. Coming back to examination, you have to study like crazy no matter what. You have to set an ambitious schedule and daily target to cover all the topics well before time. However, it is completely normal to get tired from this busy schedule. The smart strategy in this situation is to get involved in activities that don’t let you lose your focus on your studies. Based on our interaction with medical students and successful specialists, we have curated these ideas to help you relax while preparing for the examination.

Watch Medical Shows

Watching shows based on doctors’ life is a great source of entertainment. Since most shows are based on fiction, they don’t necessarily depict authentic conditions but allow you to evaluate the situation being the doctor yourself. It is possible that you don’t relate much to your friends or family but you can relate a lot to the life of doctors depicted on the show. There are several famous medical shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Dopesick, House MD, etc. They all are good times to pass without getting disconnected from your studies.

Follow lectures on Youtube

If you are tired of reading the books again and again, then you can watch lectures on Youtube. Many recognized medical specialists have channels on YouTube. They post lectures on varying subjects, updates about the latest trends, and so on. If you have missed a class and need help for an expert, YouTube lectures are the best option.

Discuss with friends

Having a healthy discussion with a friend over a particular topic helps in clear confusion. Exam study should never be restricted to books alone. You should take some time out to discuss topics with your friends or peers and exchange ideas over the learning process. discussing your thought with a compassionate friend is a huge stress reliever. However, make sure you allocate no more than 30-45 minutes for this discussion.

Take part in online quizzes

Quizzes are fun and a great source of learning. It enables you to gauge the level of your preparedness for the exam. No matter you are appearing for a subjective type of exam or an objective one, solving questions in a quiz under a given time-frame is a great way to prepare for the exam. It is fun, time-saving, and educational. Moreover, you can also attempt past papers in your free-time to know what sort of questions to expect in the paper.

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