The promising Health sector of the UAE

In the UAE region, the healthcare industry is expanding significantly. The need for value-based healthcare in the region is skyrocketing as a result of the country's super-fast urbanization, changing demographics, modernization of people's lifestyles, high cigarette use, and a growing burden of chronic lifestyle diseases. The demand for better healthcare has also been fueled by the recent influx of foreign nationals into the United Arab Emirates.

Numerous advancements in healthcare technology have been adopted at the local and national levels over the years. The Rulers of the Emirates continue to promote technological innovation generally and in healthcare, especially through a variety of incentives, programs, and public-private partnerships. This gave an unprecedented boom to the UAE’s healthcare sector and people from across the globe started seeking careers here. The expansion of the health sector resulted in multifarious medical and healthcare jobs in the UAE.

What causes the health sector of the Emirates to grow so rapidly and what factors played the role in increased medical tourism in the region. Read below to know more:

Foreigners and tourists visiting UAE’s hospitals

Due to the excellent reputation that the country’s healthcare sector enjoys on a global scale, an increasing number of tourists are traveling to the UAE to receive treatment in some of the best facilities. Patients from all around the world put their trust in these facilities for the treatment of conditions like diabetes, cancer, liver illnesses, and heart care. The number of non-natives traveling to the Emirates for medical care grows yearly.

Technological Progress

Every hospital and clinic here is equipped with the most advanced equipment thanks to the efforts of the authorities. With the aid of implementing technology developments for the benefit of the patients, significant changes have been accomplished in the healthcare industry. Every hospital has the top technology for making a diagnosis. Well-organized and cutting-edge laboratories allow doctors to make precise assessments in order to give the patient the treatment they need.

Affordable Treatments

Therapy for a certain ailment can now be obtained at a low cost in the UAE thanks to the city's wide array of hospitals and clinics. With so many hospitals in the city, people can select the ideal one as per their needs and budget constraints.

UAE collaborations with medical research institutions

The UAE has long-standing relationships with world-class research institutions like the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre in order to offer state-of-the-art healthcare services.

Patient Rights and responsibilities

The UAE government upholds the patients' rights and places obligations on them. The patient's charter of rights and responsibilities, which is posted at all clinics and hospitals, includes a list of the rights and obligations of patients. Patients can complain to the appropriate health authorities about poor care or malpractice.

The expansion of the healthcare industry in recent years has been fueled by a readiness to embrace innovative concepts and make them a reality. And the government of UAE leaves no stone unturned to revolutionize the health sector and equip it with the latest technological equipment in a bid to become the best in providing quality healthcare.