Tips to write a good CV

Whenever applying for a job, a CV acts as the first line of communication between employer and employee. Dubai is a competitive field when it comes to the medical sector. Many aspirants wish to seek a defining career in the healthcare sector in UAE. That’s the reason why whenever a healthcare facility advertises a job, it receives thousands of applications in no time. In this cut-throat competitive environment, how to ensure that your CV catches the attention of the employee? To make your CV noticeable, you have to be smart. First of all, you need to register with a Healthcare recruitment agency Dubai to get hold of the latest career opportunities. You can also ask the recruitment to approach the employer and hand out your CV personally. Having the help of a Dha license requirements for Doctors enables you to approach the recruiter directly and ensure that they have received your CV for consideration. Now coming to the CV, it has to be crisp, informative, and tailored according to the role you have applied for.

Cover Letter

Some companies mention sending cover letters additionally and some don’t. you can make the cover letter a permanent feature of the CV. A cover letter in the CV helps employers understand perfectly your professional history and the reason why you are applying for a job. It should not be longer than two paragraphs and should act as a personal advertisement to sell yourself to potential employers. Most importantly, do not use the same cover letter for every job opportunity. Trim and tailor the cover letter according to the expectations and requirements of the employers.

Avoid Verbosity

Instead of giving too many details, make sure your CV is no longer than 2 pages ideally. Use these two pages to narrate your experience, academic background, skills, abilities, and achievements. Instead of using difficult words and lengthy sentences, use simple words that are understandable for everyone.

Follow an order

The order of the CV should be as Name, Contact Details, recent qualifications, recent professional history, certificates or training (if any), skills, hobbies, and references. The top three have to be followed strictly as this is what interests the employers most you can change the order for a later part. Make sure to place the references at the end.

Updated Information

One of the worst mistakes found on the CVs is outdated information. Don’t put contact numbers that are no longer in use. No need to provide information that makes no sense to the employers. In the contact detail section, some people place too many phone numbers or email ids which confuses the employers to pick the one to contact you. If you have given one contact number that is in your use, then no point in handing out other details. Similarly, you don’t need to write all your professional experiences on your CV. You can choose the explain only those that are relevant to the applied job.For more tips and career opportunities in UAE, visit us at UHC – one of Top healthcare recruiting companies in Dubai.

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