What are the requirements for an Operating Private Clinic?

The Department of Economic Development offers a Open a clinic in Dubai requirements and Medical licence dubai that must be obtained in order to open a medical clinic in Dubai (DED).

A local service agent is necessary to work under a professional licence, which is a type of LLC Business registration in Dubai. A professional licence holder may only hire a certain number of employees who will be covered by the licence.

Dubai Health Authority is where medical practitioners in Dubai must receive their Doctor licence in Dubai. Depending on whether they are residents, interns, general practitioners, specialists, or consultants, doctors in Dubai are required to get certain licences from the DHA. The DHA also requires dentists to have specialised licences. Also, nurses must apply for their DHA licence. To Open a clinic in Dubai requirements should be emphasised that all medical professionals, including those who practises alternative medicine like Ayurveda, homoeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and Unani medicine, must receive the necessary licence from DHA.

Requirements for Operating Private Clinic

To operate a private clinic in Dubai, you need a medical degree or to hire a director that meets the requirements. In the UAE, complete certification of Dha licence requirements for doctors is required for all staff at all levels. In the UAE, foreign degrees are also insufficient. In the UAE, certification processes for physicians and nurses may include passing regional tests. Also, all licensed medical workers must speak English.

The size, finishing, utility spaces, equipment, and other specifications for clinics and Medical and healthcare jobs in UAE are quite rigorous. Also, each kind of medical facility has its own specifications. For instance, even a dental clinic and a dental polyclinic require distinct infrastructure. Because of this, starting a clinic or any other type of medical facility in the UAE demands extensive training and adequate financial resources. Also, a sizable number of all conceivable certifications and permissions must be obtained.

Experts who are unfamiliar with UAE health legislation may struggle with the numerous approvals from various ministries needed to open a medical clinic in Dubai. The Dubai licensing exam for doctors also offers a variety of licences for practitioners in fields such as acupuncture, homoeopathy, naturopathy, and ayurveda, to mention a few.


By generating a user ID on the DHA site, you may submit an online application for a Medical licence UAE. Then you must provide information on the licensed consultants and medical specialists who will operate under the planned clinic. The DHA will confirm this and provide permission to establish a clinic.

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