What makes a good nurse?

Nurses play an important role in any healthcare in the world. An experienced and well-qualified nurse has more chances of securing well-paying Medical and healthcare jobs in UAE. However, the nurses are not just evaluated based on their certification. They need to have some other qualities in their persona as well to succeed in their career. Here, we have detailed some important qualities most healthcare employers wish to see in nurses for recruitment purposes.


Compassion is an important quality to have in the nursing field. As the nurses have several patients to attend to, they need to be polite and kind to ensure the comfort of the patient. A compassionate nurse is in a better place to understand the agony of the patient and convey it to the doctor. Moreover, he/she also plays an important role in the painful and in some cases final hours of the patient. So they have to be kind and compassionate for the comfort of the patient.


One of the qualities of a good nurse is that he/she shows a willingness to put more effort into achieving targets and meeting deadlines. Nursing is not an easy field and you are expected to put in more effort than others. It is expected that you are assigned lengthy shifts, busy shifts with bulks of patients to attend to, assist doctors in major surgeries with diligence, and so on. So, there is no limit to the amount of work handed over to you so you have to work hard to get everything done.


Since nurses have to take care of the patients and follow the directions of the doctor, they need to be knowledgeable. They must have in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and microbiology to understand certain symptoms, conditions, and so on. A Nurse doesn’t have the knowledge a doctor has but they must have information about certain diseases to work effectively.

Communication skills

Nurses often have to interact with patients and their attendants from different backgrounds. Especially, this is the best quality to have in Dubai where people from different nationalities speaking different languages seek medical treatment. A nurse acts like a bridge between the doctor and the patient to convey concerns and directions. So, he/she must have strong communication and analytical skills to communicate with people speaking unfamiliar languages.


Nursing is not a typical 9-5 job. You have to work in shifts which include morning, night, and evening shifts. Moreover, your role is not confined to a single department. You sometimes may be transferred to a shift in the Emergency Room (ER) which requires you to be on your toes and handle incoming patients quickly. Or, you can be posted to duty in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where you have to stay focused, maintain hygiene, and remain silent for the comfort of critical patients. a good nurse is flexible to work in challenging conditions. This quality in nurses ensures their quick growth as professional nurses and broadens the scope of better employment opportunities.

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