5 tips for doctors on a job hunt

UAE has a huge employment market for doctors and healthcare professionals. If you have decided to build your medical career in UAE, then you are in luck as there are hundreds of well-paying doctors, consultants, and Nursing jobs in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Follow the tips given below to begin your job hunt in Dubai as a certified doctor.

Verify Credentials

To work as a doctor in Dubai, you need to verify your credentials from a recognized authority in Dubai and UAE. As soon as you plan to move to Dubai to launch your career, you should first apply for a valid license to work as a professional healthcare service provider. In UAE, there are certain authorities such as Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the Ministry of Health (MOH), and the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) primarily responsible for issuing the medical license and verifying their credentials in Dubai and elsewhere in UAE. Once your credentials are verified, you can start applying for different vacant positions in Dubai as a doctor.

Update CV

Before beginning your job hunt, you need to look at your CV and see if it is updated as per your credentials as well as the latest CV-making trends. It should have all the necessary detail without using useless information. CV is usually the first interaction with potential employers so it should be capable of defining your skills and abilities in the best light.

Enter Job Market

In old times, newspapers were considered the best way to advertise vacant positions and invite applications. However, job advertisements in recent times have changed with technology taking over everything. There are multiple platforms available these days for job hunting such as healthcare recruitment companies, websites of organizations with vacant positions, and global and local recruitment platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, Zoho Recruit, LinkedIn, and so many others. There are some local and regional online job portals as well that could be used to search for employment opportunities. For doctors, the best pick is to get help from recruitment agencies such as UHC to connect to relevant healthcare employers in a short time.

Apply for most-appealing jobs

Once you are aware of available job opportunities in the market, it is time to pick the job that fits most of your credentials, abilities, and ultimate goals. If you are planning to start a private clinic as well other than a regular job, then you should apply for a job that has lenient hours and policy. If you are looking for a long-term role as a doctor to gain more experience, then you should ignore the jobs that are contractual basis and only last a few months. In short, understand your requirements and expectations from a job before applying for one.

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